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A 24-page handbook

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Our biggest problem is one we don't know we have. 

We all have problems we struggle to solve. Sometimes they’re personal, like being overweight; sometimes they’re bigger, like income inequality.


Yet many of them are solvable, having been solved before, so to solve them is a choice. 


Only by solving problems do we progress, and to progress is to live. 


When we choose not to solve them, we choose not to progress. Suffering unnecessarily, we choose a lower quality of life and sometimes a shorter life instead.


Sometimes we try to solve them—at least we think we do. We invest money, time, energy and emotion.


Despite our educations, intelligence, experience and expertise, however, many solvable problems go unsolved, regardless of the stakes; our investments, wasted.


It’s a choice we don’t know we’re making. 


It is our problem with problems, and it's solvable too.

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